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ASIS ERP benefits from the power and security offered by a stable database engine (Microsoft SQL Server) and the portability provided by the 100% RIA (Rich Internet Application) component - ASiSria. This component integrates all advantages and capabilities of desktop applications in a web browser, so they can bring information anywhere there is an Internet connection.
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ASiSmag is the most innovative store management software solution, currently existing on the Romanian market. ASiSmag is well suited for mid-sized or small shops, which are unable to bear the initial costs of IT investment. ASiSmag is a CLOUD COMPUTING application which means that the users have access through a browser to different applications for sale, stock management, manager dashboard.
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ASiSmobile is used for accessing the ASIS / ASiSmag database from smartphones/tablets that support Android / IOS operating system. ASiSmobile enables access to all existing PDF Reports of the ASIS ERP.
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MPria- the production management ERP solution

RIA technology included in ASiS ERP and the newest production management application (MPria) removes any barriers that might arise between the requirements of our customers and the technology potential. For production companies, the flexibility within MPria is essential because the application can provide specific production solutions, without this resulting in a lengthy implementation and configuration process.

During MPria development, we have considered all production flows encountered in over 20 years of activity, but also users` need to have an application that targets both, vertical processes and specificity derived from companies` internal rules. The same application – MPria, without additional efforts, looks and behaves differently for series production, recipe or unique production.

For example, layouts, menus and even fields in MPria can differ from one company to another. Our specialists in the configuration phase, model and easily add relevant fields, eliminating those that are not significant to users. There is no redundancy of information, but only specific information for the production flow of the company.

The ultrascalability of the Production Management application derives from the latest technology, RIA (Rich Internet Application). For the same reason, MPria can be accessed via a secure Internet connection, eliminating the major costs of installation or (as in desktop applications), replication, etc.

MPria process begins by describing the manufacturing technology tree, by adding cost scenarios. Users will be able to launch and track orders and production achievements.

Description of production technology can be decomposed on as many levels of operations, components, parts or raw materials / equipment as the users want. Subordination between raw materials / material and an operation will generate automatic consumption when an operation is finished.

Resources (equipment, personnel, external resources) can be planned according to production orders.

For planning and monitoring accomplishments, there is a Gantt chart with multiple filter options.

Being a RIA application, the emphasis is put very much on mobility and high accessibility. Thus, MPria can be accessed from a tablet with Android system, allowing heads of departments to be mobile and connect in real time to the entire production process. Also, the achievements can be recorded in ERP ASIS, anywhere there is an Internet connection, without limitation for users to an application that only runs on a dedicated computer.

"We managed to develop perhaps the most innovative and flexible production application existing on the Romanian market. Through MPria we support companies in this sector and we meet the needs of managers to receive accurate information at all stages of production, to minimize production costs at any time, to optimize the consumption of raw materials and to reduce time allocated to operations."- Pavel Cristian Gabriel, Director of Research and Development - Alfa Software SA.