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ASIS ERP benefits from the power and security offered by a stable database engine (Microsoft SQL Server) and the portability provided by the 100% RIA (Rich Internet Application) component - ASiSria. This component integrates all advantages and capabilities of desktop applications in a web browser, so they can bring information anywhere there is an Internet connection.
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ASiSmag is the most innovative store management software solution, currently existing on the Romanian market. ASiSmag is well suited for mid-sized or small shops, which are unable to bear the initial costs of IT investment. ASiSmag is a CLOUD COMPUTING application which means that the users have access through a browser to different applications for sale, stock management, manager dashboard.
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ASiSmobile is used for accessing the ASIS / ASiSmag database from smartphones/tablets that support Android / IOS operating system. ASiSmobile enables access to all existing PDF Reports of the ASIS ERP.
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Brantner Romania Holding has chosen an online Subscribers` Management platform

With the expansion of services offered in Romania, the Brantner Romania Holding, part of an international company Brantner, decided to implement ASiS integrated system, counting largely on the flexibility and scalability of its RIA applications.

Established in 2004, Brantner offers services in waste management and municipal services in Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Faget, and Drobeta Turnu Severin. Its enlargement strategy in Romania focused on the acquisition of local waste companies, with different strategies and bringing them together under the umbrella of a common and integrated strategy, based on the experiences gained in other countries. The challenge of integrating these companies also referred to the diversity and incompatibility of data processing applications and the difficulty of data centralization due to the high degree of geographical dispersion of the company.

Currently, thanks to ASIS implementation, data is stored on a central server of the company and all the data is operated in real time from all the branches. Personnel and Accounting applications, developed on a RIA platform, already manage all the documents in real time from any work point of the company. "The flexibility that has proven Alfa Software in implementing ASIS was one of the key points that enabled the success of this project. RIA technology has greatly reduced the implementation time and we managed that in a period of just two months to benefit from a functional system in all our branches and reduce administration costs. Implementation of a cloud-computing solution with applications that work online is a first for us. I have been moderate in terms of expectations, but the results have far exceeded our expectations. "said Horatiu Radu, Financial Controller at Brantner Romania.

Regarding the solution for Brantner, the central application remains Subscribers Management (UAria), through which contracts are managed, bills are generated monthly and their payments are monitored. UAria is used to perform complex operations such as generating bills in advance for customers or the automatic allocation of the amounts collected on bills / penalties / payments in advance. Subscribers Management application currently manages over 300.000 contracts in the waste management area, the distribution of water or other public services and is the current used by companies like: Salubris, the Austrian group AVE (AVE SALAJ ECOSERV, A AVE HURON ) and DRUSAL Baia-Mare.