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ASIS ERP benefits from the power and security offered by a stable database engine (Microsoft SQL Server) and the portability provided by the 100% RIA (Rich Internet Application) component - ASiSria. This component integrates all advantages and capabilities of desktop applications in a web browser, so they can bring information anywhere there is an Internet connection.
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ASiSmag is the most innovative store management software solution, currently existing on the Romanian market. ASiSmag is well suited for mid-sized or small shops, which are unable to bear the initial costs of IT investment. ASiSmag is a CLOUD COMPUTING application which means that the users have access through a browser to different applications for sale, stock management, manager dashboard.
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ASiSmobile is used for accessing the ASIS / ASiSmag database from smartphones/tablets that support Android / IOS operating system. ASiSmobile enables access to all existing PDF Reports of the ASIS ERP.
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Managers`s Dashboard Application available in any browser

TBria is the latest application of the ASiS integrated system. Part of the series of RIA (Rich Internet Applications), TBria includes all the functionalities of the desktop application – Manager`s Dashboard, in a web browser and provides quality information in graphic format exploiting the existing data in the system.

For managers, decision-making has never been easier and just a click away from complex analysis and personalized KPIs. From your laptop or smartphone, TBria can be accessed anywhere you can establish an Internet connection.

Effective decision-making tool, TBria permits definition and configuration of KPIs of relevance to the company and business control. Data used for KPIs are introduced and processed in other ASiS applications. KPIs in TBria may expand to several levels.

Graphic representation of results includes several types of formats that can be selected for each KPI separately. Users can choose between: Columns, Lines, Pies (PieCharts) or gauges. In fact, when entering TBria application, a preview of all the KPIs is available, details are available through a simple click on the graphic representation.

As extensive properties of these KPIs should be: default value, trend, expected value, etc (low, medium, good).