we offer

Technical support and maintainance
We provide operational support for ASiS ERP system so that our clients can benefit to its maximum capacity. Our clients can access various channels of communications with our technical consultants such as technical support phone numbers, our online support system, CRM notification system.
Business analysis and implementation
Each organization is unique and that it why implementation begins with a thorough case analysis of hardware and software situation, company organization: department, organization, activities, profit centers, existing and proposed information flow, work standards.
Software development and specific applications
Starting from a core framework called ASiSria and rich experience in designing and implementing ERP applications, we can make changes or specific modules with amazing speed so that each client could receive a personalized and unique software solution.

Business Analysis and Implementation

implementare-asisIt is very hard to find a definition of successful implementations, but we can tell which are the elements that form the basis of over 500 successfully completed implementations.
From our point of view, an implementation begins with meeting the client because that is the moment we start to analyze the business process. These meetings establish the client` s  expectations from the implementation of a new ERP system. Given this information we choose the solution that we consider most appropriate for the business and make a technical presentation of the solution.
After this stage, the financial and contractual aspects are determined.
Each organization is unique and therefore we continue with a case analysis, that need to determine in detail such issues as:

Hardware and software infrastructure;
Company Organization: departments, establishment, activities, profit centers, etc..;
Existing and proposed informational flow, working standards.

Seeing this, we can establish practical problems facing the organization and begin to shape a solution that can best come to face customer needs and to optimize processes within the company. Together with the beneficiaries of the solution, adjustments and changes to be made to the integrated system are set in order to provide with the right solution. From the Alfa Software, the project manager and his team are selected for the implementation according to their skills and the solution accepted by both parties.
Installing the ERP system involves transferring data on the client `s  computers. We usually start with the network configuration, then we install the database management system and the client applications each client station.
Adaptation and system configuration is the step in which we bring the ERP to the parameters set with the client  in the analysis phase by configuring the parameters in application or by programming.
Training users is done in accordance with everybody` s job descriptions. Such training will be held nominally throughout implementation process.
At the end of implementation, general trainings will be organized in each department, which will include detailed functions of the application or applications that will be used by personell of a particular department.
ASiS ERP implementation usually takes place in companies that have a certain history. Therefore, initializing the data means the introduction of existing data in database starting with: suppliers, customers, balances, assets, employees, etc. If this data is in electronic form, it will automatically be  introduced.
Operation phase involves the routine use of the system by all users. In this phase data such as invoices, reception, production reports will be entered into the system. Based on the data entered, reports will be generated to support decision making.

Signing the Implementation form

At the end of a financial exercise the implementation process is evaluated and the Implementation form is signed. Items to be evaluated at the end of implementation:

If the system is installed on all workstations;
If the system configuration has been done as in the analysis stage;

Implementation process can last more than the set period of time due to new requirements or re- organization of the company. An implementation process can last between 3 and 6 months, time in which the ASiS  integrated system is operative.