we offer

Technical support and maintainance
We provide operational support for ASiS ERP system so that our clients can benefit to its maximum capacity. Our clients can access various channels of communications with our technical consultants such as technical support phone numbers, our online support system, CRM notification system.
Business analysis and implementation
Each organization is unique and that it why implementation begins with a thorough case analysis of hardware and software situation, company organization: department, organization, activities, profit centers, existing and proposed information flow, work standards.
Software development and specific applications
Starting from a core framework called ASiSria and rich experience in designing and implementing ERP applications, we can make changes or specific modules with amazing speed so that each client could receive a personalized and unique software solution.

Technical Support and Maintainace

asistenta-service-erpBecause we are used to long term relationships with our clients, Alfa Software strives to assure quality services:

through a modern and powerful technical support center and
Post-implementation services through our team of ERP consultants.

The manner in which customers can get help to fully exploit the capabilities of the ASiS integrated system are:

Free phone advice on new business process approach  using the system at any of the phone numbers: Zalău-0260/612.777, Cluj-Napoca-0264/433.636;
Technical assistance for the installation of new ASiS versions;
Technical support provided by our ERP consultants at the customer headquarters, when there is a customer request;
REMOTE CONTROL assistance provided by our ERP consultants through the web-based online support system;
Direct access to the Customer Support Application. Through this system, based on a password, customers can enter complaints (assistance, development or services type) and to monitor the time limits given by our personnel to solve their requests;
Innovative tools to access the history of questions per customer or globally and filtering options by keywords;
Newsletter information on developments and changes in the ASiS system;
Access from the site to the Alfa Software wikipedia.