we offer

Technical support and maintainance
We provide operational support for ASiS ERP system so that our clients can benefit to its maximum capacity. Our clients can access various channels of communications with our technical consultants such as technical support phone numbers, our online support system, CRM notification system.
Business analysis and implementation
Each organization is unique and that it why implementation begins with a thorough case analysis of hardware and software situation, company organization: department, organization, activities, profit centers, existing and proposed information flow, work standards.
Software development and specific applications
Starting from a core framework called ASiSria and rich experience in designing and implementing ERP applications, we can make changes or specific modules with amazing speed so that each client could receive a personalized and unique software solution.


ASiS trainings

ALFA SOFTWARE organizes training sessions for ASiS users both throughout the course of implementation and on request.

During implementation:

It should be noted that throughout the implementation process, ERP consultants make nominal trainings depending on the position occupied by each user. This leads to an understanding of specific working tasks strictly related to ASiS and reduces the time for the system to be put into operation. However, at the end of the implementation process ASiSs courses are organized in each department where detailed functions are presented.
Application manuals are given to users from the first moment the implementation process starts.

On demand trainings:

Trainings offered by Alfa Software address both ordinary users, but also specialists that  want to receive more IT information. They have different difficulty levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and take into account the specific demands of our clients. Our trainers have more than 5 years experience in ERP application development and economic processes.

We offer:

Trainings regarding the Magic UniPaas environment, at our training center, at our customer` s headquarters or online;
Trainings on the use of general or specific applications in the ASiS ERP;
Trainings on general maintenance of ASiS databases;
Trainings on Reporting Services, Data Mining, XML and any other analysis tools and business evaluation tools.