ASiS ERP - the integrated solution for production, services, distribution and retail management

ASiS ERP - production, distribution, commerce

Any business, regardless of field, requires quality information, processed in due time and with low costs, on which managers can base their decisions and can orient the business more and more towards their customers, suppliers and partners.
A solution that can be perfectly adaptable to the company`s profile, which can ensure the interaction of all processes can also make the way to performance more accessible.

Why choose ASiS ERP?

With extensive experience in the economic field, Alfa Software provides companies, irrespective of size or complexity, with an integrated IT solution, suitable no matter what.
ASiS  ERP system answers  all the challenges that the companies are facing nowadays. ASiS optimizes economic processes, increases the degree of efficiency, increases customer satisfaction and enables tracing the costs. And because we are in permanent contact with our customers and know exactly what their needs are, ASiS is flexible and easily adaptable for each user.

What is ASiS ERP?

ASiS is a modular and integrated solution that deals with all enterprise business processes. It consists of 12 applications and over 40 modules, offering our clients the possibility  to choose the right configuration according to their specific activity.
ASiS has been developed as a modular system, enabling its implementation both as a whole, and also module by module.
The most significant applications of this ERP are: General Accounting and Resource Management, Personnel and Payroll, Contract Management, Fixed Assets, Machinery Management, Costs Management, Reports, Production Management and Auto Service.

ERP Human Resources and Payroll - ASiS.PS

Flexible, dynamic and constantly adapted to the Romanian legislation changes, Human Resources and Payroll is a basic application of the ASiS system. The application offers complete and accurate information about employees, works with different types of payment and bonuses policies according to company requirements.

ERP Production Management - ASiS.MP

ASiS.MP (Production Management) facilitates production processes. It starts with a description of a product technology, it continues with “breaking” it into subsets or markers, raw materials, labor requirements and then comes the production launch and the tracking of production orders. This decomposition is not limited to a finite number of levels. A subset or marker may have in its structure any number sub-markers that may also have in their composition sub-sub -markers, .. .

ERP General Accounting - ASiS.CG

ASiS.CG is part of the ERP system called ASiS. It  is used in order to keep all the accounting records and to manage materials, goods, inventory items, products or services of a company.

ERP Contract Management - ASiS.UC

ASiS.UC – (Contract Management) manages all types of contracts such as those that concern supply, delivery operations, installments, rentals and ending with financial or operational leasing.

ERP Cost Management - ASiS.PC

Any economic activity, whatever its nature, aims to have a profit. Managers must be aware that to obtain optimal results it is essential to use the cost management. Determining this cost is a pretty big challenge given the high complexity of economic processes.
The ASiS.PC – Cost Management application revolutionizes the cost calculation and  prediction. 

ERP Point of Sales - ASiS.PV (PVria)

Besides the online component for introducing primary documents (ASiSria), Alfa Software has developed an online component for sales with cash registers. The application is called PVria. PVria is the first online application designed for sales and it connects to cash registers.

ERP B2B Platform - ASiS.B2B

ASiS B2B platform specifically addresses to companies active in the distribution of goods sector. It supplements the ERP system and it has a specific aim to develop business relationships between partners ( suppliers and customers - corporate sector).

ERP Fixed Assets - ASiS.MF

ASiS.MF - Fixed Assets manages all information on a company` s tangible and intangible assets and automates the calculation of fixed assets depreciation.

ERP Machinery Management - ASiS.MM

Machinery Management application enables tracking of machines` parameters and activities in a company. By machines we understand production equipment or transportation vehicles.

ERP Car Service - ASiS.SA

ASiS.SA - Car Service Application is useful for companies that activate in the car services field. It can be used both for car service (repairing) and for car sales.

ERP Subscribers` Management - ASiS.UA

ASiS.UA is a suitable solution for service companies that have contracts with a large number of subscribers (like water distribution, waste management, cable TV, etc.) .

ERP Customer Relationship Management - ASiS.CRM

The application facilitates efficient lead management and the conversion process, relationships with potential customers and interactions with existing ones. This results in improved marketing, service and sales activities, with quickly visible results in using a CRM system.

ERP HoReCa - ASiS.HoReCa

ASiS HoReCa application effectively manages companies that offer accommodation, restaurant, bar, fast food, cafe, catering and cafeteria services.

ERP Ecommerce -  ASiS.Ecommerce

In addition to dedicated retail management solutions, Alfa Software has developed an e-commerce solution - which is an online sales portal, seamlessly integrated with the rest of the ASiS ERP applications.

ERP Manager`s Dashboard - ASiS.TB

To survive in a competitive environment, managers have to take quick decisions. Thus it is necessary to have accurate information for decision making. ASiS.TB – Manager` s Dashboard  application responds this need and transforms existing data into quality information. This is materialized through a customized and efficient manager` s dashboard.