ERP Contract Management - ASiS.UC

ASiS.UC – (Contract Management) manages all types of contracts such as those that concern supply, delivery operations, installments, rentals and ending with financial or operational leasing.

Contract Management Application


For trade companies this is a basic application as it allows the introduction of all the customers orders (delivery orders). These delivery orders can reach the database through various means: direct operating, from android/IOS devices, directly from a web page (ASiS.Web or other applications). There is also a business 2 business platform that can be used by corporate clients to launch delivery orders.
Taking into consideration the available stock, the pending purchase orders and other customer specific parameters, business supply needs can be established. This supply needs can materialize in one or more purchase orders.
Delivery orders may be related to such purchase orders allowing increased operability.
ASiS.UC application optimizes the effective delivery of goods by allocating each delivery order a certain transport number. This transport number allows access to information like: quantity of goods that need to be delivered, car capacity  and transport route to the customers.
Purchase or delivery orders may be related to the supplier or customer contracts. Based on these agreements may establish terms, prices, conditions which can be tracked automatically.
ASiS.UC application keeps track of lease (operating or financial) operations and it is consistent with National Bank of Romania regulations. Leases have several components: rate, interest, commissions, differential exchange rates, etc. Generating monthly bills takes into account all of these elements and accounting notes will automatically generate invoices.