ERP Subscribers` Management - ASiS.UA

ASiS.UA is a suitable solution for service companies that have contracts with a large number of subscribers (like water distribution, waste management, cable TV, etc.) .

Subscribers Management Application


ASiS.UA part in the ASiS integrated system consists of easy centralization of a large numbers of subscribers without overcharging the Accounting module. Thus most of the beneficiaries will be centralized in UA application and providers and beneficiaries without contracts in the Accounting module.
ASiS.UA generates for each subscriber that has a valid contract monthly bills according to the contract and specific data. These bills are collected by deducting the balance of the subscribers. Accounting notes generated by bills and receipts will be automatically sent to the Accounting module.
ASiS.UA gives the possibility of grouping the subscribers by different criteria such as address (Street, Number, Apartment), type (individual /economic units), facilities and areas (zone coverage other than the streets). For some categories of subscribers extensive data can be used.
If necessary, ASiS.UA can store multiple addresses for a single subscriber.
Bill generating differs according to customer requests. Penality calculation is accepted.