ERP Point of Sales - ASiS.PV (PVria)

Besides the online component for introducing primary documents (ASiSria), Alfa Software has developed an online component for sales with cash registers. The application is called PVria. PVria is the first online application designed for sales and it connects to cash registers.

Point of Sale ApplicationIts main goal is to provide customers with a superior application in terms of technology, to reduce time and implementation costs and to successfully serve the needs of companies operating in trade area.
In the past year in particular, the economic crisis has profoundly affected the appetite of Romanian entrepreneurs to invest in business development, and small or large retailer make no exception. Cash register software solutions proposed so far have discouraged primarily due to the large number of training and implementation hours.
PVria aims to remove financial barriers hindering the development of SMEs in the trade area. It is simple and intuitive, and any user can use this application without any prior training.


As a basic functionality, PVria uses cash registers and fiscal printers. Currently, the cash registers supported are: EURO (200, 500, 2100, 2500), Sapel, Datecs, Zeka, Activa, Optima, etc. At the same time, PVria allows invoices for companies and discounts.
For sale you can attach a barcode reader. The payment method is cash, credit card or tickets. Being a part of the ERP system – ASiS, all documents registered (introduced) in PVria give a real-time effect on the database and can be viewed in other ASiSplus applications including Accounting applications.
Beyond the basic functions, those that can be met in any application in the same category, there are several advantages in PVria that make the difference. Among the benefits it brings to its users, we can mention the following:
RIA technology - cloud computing. PVria is developed in Flash Builder 4 and it runs under Adobe Air.
Transfer data between the server and PVria is done under HTTP / HTTPS which makes it easy to use on any computer connected to the Internet.
Data can be stored on your own server or in CLOUDS on Alfa Software server, eliminating thus the cost barriers required for the initial investment.
For cash registers that have Linux drivers, PVria works with Linux OS (tested on Ubuntu Desktop 10).
Full data safety because PVria permits the offline mode as an emergency regime (in case of Internet connection failure, the sale is still possible, product tables, inventories and the suppliers being loaded locally and when the Internet connection is restored, there takes place a data resynchronization with the central server).
PVria does not require implementation on client computers, but only installing the application. The duration of PVria installation on the client computers does not exceed more than 2 minutes.
PVria requires only minimal training. It's a very intuitive application and its users can realize for themselves how it functions.
PVria has an Autocomplete intelligence search component, which returns in milliseconds possible options of the search.
PVria generates invoices for one or more receipts, regardless of the date of the receipts and it also maintains the correlations in the Accounting application.
PVria provides an important marketing tool for store chains. There is the possibility to consult the operational stock of any store in the network and initiate a delivery order for merchandise not found on your own stock. Also for customers who have at least one pending contract entered into the database, the PVria application reads available credit limit and the respective contract periods.
Once initiated the delivery order, it will follow the course set out in the Contract Management application by attaching some states (approved, ongoing supply of goods can ,...).
There is a direct connection between the online application ASiSria and PVria. For example, in PVria can be entered purchase orders for the shops, invoices from suppliers, etc..
PVria responds to marketing policies of any company due to its two basic components: price and discount.
It is extremely easy to configure the price or discount according to various criteria. For example: extra discount to cash receipts over a certain amount, decreasing scale promotional products and price depending on quantity, etc..
PVria allows obtaining specific reports: Total sales – revenues per day, Sales reports.

In conclusion, application management and sales PVria full serving of figures in the case of a shop and especially for a chain of stores - which have an Internet connection.