ASiSmag - the software solution for the retail industry


ASiSmag is the most innovative store management software solution, currently existing on the Romanian market.

Starting from the complete solution offered by ERP ASIS for large-sized shops and supermarket chains, ASiSmag resulted from downscaling and is well suited for mid-sized or small shops, who are unable to bear the initial costs of IT investment. ASiSmag is a CLOUD COMPUTING application which means that the users have access through a browser to different applications for sale, management, manager dashboard. (any browser like: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox).

Both application and data can be hosted on the Alfa Software server.

Developed in Adobe Flash Builder 4, ASiSmag is a RIA (Rich Internet Application) application.

ASiSmag addresses small and medium sized companies in the retail business. The target audience of this solution is the stand-alone stores or chain stores with geographical dispersion (local, regional or national) for which "remote" management can become a challenge.

ASiSmag technical features

ASiSmag solution consists of two components: Server and Client component.

The Server Component

ASiSmag ServerThe Server Component is managed by the solution provider, and access to that component is made through the Internet. Through this component, Alfa Software provider undertakes to manage the customers` databases, fully respecting the principle of confidentiality. Alfa Software's dedicated staff will define the users for each point of sale according to the contract terms and establish user rights and access to certain menus / modules users. The database created for each store or retail chain, will centralize all the user's records through the Client component.