ASiSmag technical features

ASiSmag solution consists of two components: Server and Client component.

The Server Component

ASiSmag ServerThe Server Component is managed by the solution provider, and access to that component is made through the Internet. Through this component, Alfa Software provider undertakes to manage the customers` databases, fully respecting the principle of confidentiality. Alfa Software's dedicated staff will define the users for each point of sale according to the contract terms and establish user rights and access to certain menus / modules users. The database created for each store or retail chain, will centralize all the user's records through the Client component.

Also, Alfa Software ensures secure user access to the ASiSmag database through a security certificate. Transfer data between server and ASiSmag (client component) is achieved by using the HTTPS protocol which allows use of the application fully secure from any computer connected to the Internet.

Also on the server, Alfa Software is committed to ensure proper infrastructure and software access:

Server configuration ASiSmag.
Creation of a database associated for each store.
Taking the data in standard formats for each client.
Performing automatic upgrades to new software versions of software.

The Client Component

The Client Component represents a graphic interface for data entry. The Client Component consists of two modules: ASiSmag Sales and ASiSmag Manager. These two modules are interdependent in terms of information flow.

ASiSmag Sales application establishes the connection with the cash-register. It is installed on the users' computers and works in online  and offline mode - as emergency mode. Normally, ASiSmag Sales accesses the real-time database of the store through an Internet connection (any browser can be used), constantly updating stocks and other vital information for the store management. But ASiSmag Sales application also allows operating data in an offline emergency mode (for example in case of Internet connection failure, the sales are still possible, tables being loaded locally, on the computer until the activation of Internet when  a data resynchronization with the central server takes place).

The ASiSmag Sales installation process takes place within 2 minutes. ASiSmag Sales configuration takes place in a relatively short time, depending on the type of cash-register to which ASiSmag is linked to.

ASiSmag Manager application represents the introduction of primary documents (receips, etc), extracting reports / statements and viewing them in a graphical form. ASiSmag Manager is accessible strictly from the web browser and doesn`t require any installation. ASiSmag Manager consists of the following applications:

Stocks and Inventory


Manager`s Dashboard