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Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets manages all information on a company` s tangible and intangible assets and automates the calculation of fixed assets depreciation.

  • It deals with the following types of depreciation that are used in Romania: linear, progressive and regressive.
  • The Registry of Inventory Numbers, Fixed Assets Balance and many other reports can be generated.
  • Any “movement” of fixed assets is registered and monitored, and every operation generates documents and accounting notes. These movements can be inputs, outputs, transfers or changes regarding the value / depreciation period.
  • Revaluation of fixed assets is also managed by this application. Its result are automatically found in the Accounting application.
  • Depreciation notes are generated on every profit/cost center.
  • The Fixed Assets application is integrated with Machines Management and Cost Management applications.


Addresses companies that sell their products through supermarket chains or partner stores.

Sales Agent/SFA

Supports the sales force management, offering sales agents real-time financial information about the customers they visit.

Car Service Management

Is useful for companies that activate in the car services field.


Consolidates business relationships between partners (vendors and customers), giving corporate customers the ability to make orders via a web-based, friendly interface.


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