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Fleet Management

Fleet Management

The Fleet Management application allows tracking all the parameters and activities of the equipment in a company, whether we are talking about a car fleet or a company’s production machinery. The goal of the application is to reduce the costs associated with the transport and use of the equipment.

  • The application allows defining and subsequently updating the list of equipment used by the company (means of transport, machinery,), whether owned or leased.
  • The description of the machines is based on configurable elements, so it is possible to configure complex and multifunctional machines. Interdependent machinery can also be tracked, the description of the activity of some being conditioned by the activity data of others.
  • Associating a cost center for each machine allows direct costs to be collected to the beneficiary of the activity.
  • Fuel consumption can be tracked and compared to planned consumption.
  • There is a repair plan that can be introduced and tracked.
  • Activities can be entered through the daily activity sheet (FAZ) or the worksheet (Sheet U) for machines.
Fleet Management

Warehouse Management System

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