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Managers Dashboard

Managers Dashboard

To survive in a competitive environment, managers have to take quick decisions. Thus it is necessary to have accurate information for decision making. ASiS Manager` s Dashboard application responds to this need and transforms existing data into quality information.

  • Manager` s Dashboard application allows economic and financial analysis of KPIs.
  • Data used for KPIs are introduced and processed in other ASiS applications. As extensive properties of these KPIs should be: default value, trend, expected value, etc (low, medium, good).
  • The application is built on the principle of interactivity, users having the ability to analyze the pre-defined economic and financial KPIs and to define their own KPIs, depending on their specific needs.
  • The application also allows viewing web reports, reports built with Microsoft Reporting Services. Examples of such reports include: Balance sheet, budget, age of the stock components, stock rotation time, evolution of stock, profitability products, changes of rotation debits and credits on customers and suppliers. Reports that are obtained can be parameterized so that users get exactly the situation that they need.
Tablou de Bord

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