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Point of Sale

Point of Sales

The application is designed for sales and it connects to cash registers or fiscal printers.

  • Currently, the cash registers supported are: Datecs, Euro, Sapel, Zeka, Activa, Optima, Partner, Total, etc.
  • For sale you can attach a barcode reader.
  • The payment method is cash, credit card, fidelity points or tickets. Being a part of the ERP system – ASiS, all documents registered (introduced) in Point of Sales give a real-time effect on the database and can be viewed in other ASiS applications including Accounting module.
  • It generates invoices for one or more receipts, regardless of the date of the receipts and it also maintains the correlations in the Accounting application.
Punct de Vânzare
Punct de Vânzare
  • It provides an important marketing tool for store chains. There is the possibility to consult the operational stock of any store in the network and initiate a delivery order for merchandise not found on your own stock. Also for customers who have at least one pending contract entered into the database, the application reads available credit limit and the respective contract periods. Once initiated the delivery order, it will follow the course set out in the Contract Management application by attaching some stages.
  • It is extremely easy to configure the price or discount according to various criteria. For example: extra discount to cash receipts over a certain amount, decreasing scale promotional products and price depending on quantity, etc.
  • It has specific reports: Total sales – revenues per day, Sales reports.

Financial Management

Manages and reports all transactions in relation to third parties and the entire company’s cash flow.

Human resources

Provides transparency to the human resource management process of a company.

Subscribers Management

Is a suitable solution for service companies that have contracts with a large number of subscribers


offers complete and accurate information about employees, works with different types of payment policies.


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