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Restaurant Management

Restaurant Management

ASiS Restaurant Management application manages companies that offer restaurant, bar, fast food, cafe, catering and cafeteria services.
Restaurant Management
  • The interface allows easy configuration of restaurant tables according to their location. Each table can have a graphic representation in the application interface, a number assigned and a waiter that is also assigned to that table. The shape and size of the tables are configurable. Also, color use in the interface helps signal if tables are free or occupied.
  • Food orders can be taken either via the touchscreen interface or directly from a mobile device by using ASiSmobile application. In both cases, products are grouped in categories and can be easily found, so that the orders are prepared in the shortest time possible.
  • Orders are managed bidirectionally. Each taken order can be viewed in real time in the kitchen, and viceversa for completed orders (on touchscreen or ASiSmobile).
  • Each product has an attached picture which facilitates its identification through the touchscreen interface.
  • For each table, multiple orders can be taken and managed in ASiS ERP (orders can have states and depending on the state, products in an order are colored differently).
  • “Closing” a table means that a bill and a receipt are issued, the application allowing multiple ways of payment: cash, card, meal vouchers, loyalty points, etc.
  • Clients can view and split their bill by using their smartphone to scan a QR code and access a web page. The bill can be divided into several subtotals by a Drag and drop function.
  • The Restaurant application is fully integrated with ASiS accounting application which enables the primary documents and accounting notes management.
    Clients or groups of clients can be offered discounts based on loyalty cards, including Happy Hour promotions – menus, discounts on certain products in certain hours, etc.
  • It is possible to define recipes and calculate costs.
  • There is a wide variety of graphical reports with multiple filtering possibilities : for example Happy Hour products and sales, sales/ waiters, etc.
Restaurant Management

Warehouse Management System

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