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Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

The Warehouse Management System module manages inventories of raw materials, merchandise, products and semi-finished products. Tracking these stocks can be done in the warehouse (by physical location).
  • The application allows item identification, units of measurement and packaging methods.
  • It allows full stock tracebility: date of manufacture or receipt, supplier, expiration date, location, and any other identifying elements.
  • Movements of goods (incoming / outgoing documents) can be: receipts of raw materials or commodities, deliveries of finished or semi-finished products, transfers, consumption bills, invoices and corrections.
  • In the warehouse can be used mobile devices for: quantitative receipt, delivery or inventory, identifying the tracebility elements: location, expiration date.
  • Delivery is based on the delivery order, stock reservation and picking.
  • It allows inventory objects to be tracked in warehouse or in use, by the employees.
  • One or more bar codes can be associated with each item, depending on the manufacturer or the packaging.
  • It can work with EAN13 (product identification) or GS1 (product identification, batch, expiration date, date of manufacture, manufacturer, etc.).
  • Barcodes can be preprinted (for goods) or specific barcode labels can be created.

Project Management

Involves tracking of each stage in a construction project or other complex projects.

Budgetary Institutions

Provides support for the preparation, establishment and execution of the budget, with all the phases involved.

Point of Sale

Is designed for sales and it connects to cash registers or fiscal printers.

Production Management

Facilitates and keeps track of all production processes.


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