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ASiS ERP Solution for agriculture

ASiS ERP Solution for agriculture

ASiS ERP solution successfully ensure the tracking of incomes, costs and profitability of crops. It brings you all the necessary information into a single, real-time database (no synchronization needed). Managers in agriculture can know exactly the situation of the land they are working, whether owned or leased.

ASiS ERP, the customized solution for agriculture companies, through its applications, focuses on the following important issues:

Development. Implementation. Customization

  • Cost management

    Parcel costs are necessary to determine the profitability. For this, it is neccesary to define work technologies, to plan activities on plots, and record operations.

  • Tracking lease agreements for land

    This module highlights payments to landowners and taxes paid by type of lease (with or without deduction at source).

  • Machinery management

    Machinery (tractors, combines) and attachments (trailer, disc, harrow, seed drill, etc.) are tracked if used in vineyard.

  • Seed management

    Seeds can come from production or purchased from third parties, with the registration of the characteristics necessary for issuing the seed quality certificate (variety, lot, humidity, germination period, varietal and physical purity, sanitary condition, applied treatments, shelf life – guarantee).

  • Sales performance evaluation

    Evaluation can be done through reports and graphics that can be customized.

What can ASiS Solution for Agriculture do for you?

Module Configuration

General Accounting

Keeps all the accounting records and manages materials, goods, inventory items, products or services of a company.

Production Management

Facilitates and keeps track of all production processes.

Managers Dashboard

Responds to managers` need for information and transforms existing data into quality information.

Cost Management

Revolutionizes the cost calculation and prediction in a company.

Fleet Management

Allows tracking all the parameters and activities of the equipment used in a company.

Fixed Assets

Manages all information on a company` s tangible and intangible assets and automates the calculation of fixed assets depreciation.


offers complete and accurate information about employees, works with different types of payment policies.

Financial Management

Manages and reports all transactions in relation to third parties and the entire company’s cash flow.


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