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ASiS ERP Solution for construction

ASiS ERP Solution for construction

Work on construction sites occupies the most important part of a construction company’s business, with all that is required: the reception of raw materials on the site, the establishment of the execution phases and the distribution of the machinery and the people, all of which must take into account certain timetables and assignment to an estimated budget / estimate.
The ASiS ERP solution successfully manages all site activities because it is a web-based, online solution that enables personnel on the site to enter or access ERP information from anywhere in real time. How? Through the smartphone application – ASiSmobile, which connects securely to the ASiS database.
ASiS ERP, the customized solution for construction companies, focuses on the following important issues:

Development. Implementation. Customization

  • Site management

    From construction sites, engineers benefit from secure access to the ASiS integrated system through ASiSmobile, which can be accessed from Android or IOS smartphones or tablets. Data entered by engineers can be quickly identified and automatically assigned to the projects they are working on.

  • Construction timesheets

    ASiSmobile application enables data entry/validation for construction timesheets.

  • Keeping track of materials on site

    The site manager takes a picture of the document received with the transport of materials. The photo is loaded automatically into ASiS ERP and the document  is operated at the headquarters in the same day.

  • Project management

    It assumes tracking the status of each construction project. The cost calculation is available due to documents introduced directly from the construction site.

  • Machinery management

    ASiS ERP manages intervention (revisions, repairs) and maintenance plans.

  • Intragrup settlements

    In ASiS, it is possible to enter primary documents and automatically generate derived documents. Automation can be done for any kind of document generated within the group.

  • Performance evaluation

    Existing reports can be customized.

What can ASiS Solution for construction do for you?

Module Configuration

Human resources

Provides transparency to the human resource management process of a company.

General Accounting

Keeps all the accounting records and manages materials, goods, inventory items, products or services of a company.

Car Service Management

Is useful for companies that activate in the car services field.

Project Management

Involves tracking of each stage in a construction project or other complex projects.

Managers Dashboard

Responds to managers` need for information and transforms existing data into quality information.

Fleet Management

Allows tracking all the parameters and activities of the equipment used in a company.

Purchase orders

Tracks all supply operations within a company.

Customer/supplier contracts

Manages all types of contracts such as those that concern supply, delivery operations, installments, rentals and ending with financial or operational leasing.

Fixed Assets

Manages all information on a company` s tangible and intangible assets and automates the calculation of fixed assets depreciation.


offers complete and accurate information about employees, works with different types of payment policies.

Financial Management

Manages and reports all transactions in relation to third parties and the entire company’s cash flow.


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