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ALFA SOFTWARE has created a network of qualified partners, with coverage throughout the country, in order to respond as quickly and in a more professional way to all customer requirements.
With a good knowledge of Alfa Software products, Adobe Flash Builder environment and Mocrosoft SQL Server database engine, with a rich economic experience, our partners – gour partners can quickly take action regarding implementation and customer requirements in their county and the surroundings.
Our partners identify clients needs, recommend appropriate technical ASiS solution, provide implementation and support for the proposed ASiS solutions and transform businesses to ensure performance.
We strongly recommend them!

Choose locally! Find an ASiS partner!

Softnet Consulting Timișoara

+40 372 562 800

Economic Data System Oradea

+40 730 020 283

NC Venture București

+40 723 198 625

Infoplus Service Râmnicu-Vâlcea

+40 744 571 881

Startech Focșani

+40 730 020 290

Softad Consulting Oradea

+ 40 786 250 550

Decision Support Systems Timișoara

+ 40 723 772 266

Self Soft Zalău

+ 40 745 978 220

ERP IT Zalău

+ 40 744 499 821

5 reasons to choose our local partners

ASiS ERP, our integrated system, has reached the fifth generation of technology change, and our partners have gained enough experience to know in detail the functionalities of ASiS solutions in various fields.

It is extremely difficult for Alfa Software team to reach all customers and a practical solution for some of them may be to turn to our local partners. Therefore, our partners` role is very important. They are “on the scene”, they learn about our customers` needs, use their personal experience to find solutions, configure and customize the ASiS ERP system. Finally, they earn their place as business consultants that our clients are confident to turn to whenever they need.

Our partners are selling and implementing integrated systems for over 10 years, during which they thoroughly have learnt about all business fields. When the business environment is changing, our partners can help businesses easily adapt to new economic conditions. Their experience can be a plus for your business because it is based on best practices encountered over the years and dozens of successful implementations!

Unlike other resellers of integrated solutions, our partners have enough freedom to program / customize and develop ASiS modules and applications. Alfa Software encourages its partners to expand their ASiS and SQL knowledge in order to increase their ability to respond quickly to customer requirements.

Alfa Software performs regular trainings for its partners on newly developed solutions, implementation effective solutions and technical case studies. Our partners know in detail the capabilities of the system and how to adapt them to customers’ needs.

All new development / implementation projects are sent for approval to the solution provider. They are discussed and an agreement is reached regarding the best technical solution for the customer. Remote or on the spot – when needed, Alfa Software is there to provide technical support to its partners in order to implement the right solution for our customers. Some modules or functionalities are implemented directly by the ERP supplier`s team, depending on the degree of difficulty.


Join our ASiS community and discover our values!

We strongly believe that our work matters primarily to the people involved in a business. That is why:

We do everything with passion

We seek the best solutions for our clients

We bring non-technical people closer to the most innovative IT technologies

We are proud of any progresses made by our clients

We never get bored of anything new in the field

What does an ASiS partner do?

Un partener ASiS oferă servicii la cheie clienților.

Sells ​​ASiS integrated solutions

Performs case analysis of the company and proposes a turn-key solution

Provides advice for internal process management

Implements the proposed integrated solution

Provides technical support and maintenance

Performs user training

Develops and adapts ASiS solutions for customer needs

Develops custom applications and modules by using ASiS ERP platform

What are the benefits offered to ASiS partners?

Being an ASiS partner means:

Subscription recurring revenue (subscription)

Implementation and maintainance revenue

Specialized trainings

Technical and economic expertise of the highest level

Marketing and advertising tools

High human value

If you are interesed in becoming an Alfa Software partner, do not hesitate to contact us!

Technology and equipment partners

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