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Bring your customers closer with EDI

Bring your customers closer with EDI


In order to meet the need for standardization in the retail sector, ASiS ERP interfaces with EDI systems.

EDI is usually a requirement that comes from the large retail companies to their suppliers.

Electronic Data Interchange (electronic data interchange) or the abbreviated EDI facilitates communication between business, especially when among customers are large supermarket and hypermarkets chains (IKA – International Key Accounts), such as Metro, Selgros, Cora, Auchan, Lidl, Careffour, etc.
EDI replaces traditional methods of data communication between partners and encourages XML files transmission. The data transmission in the EDI systems applies to delivery orders, stocks, products or invoices. EDI systems can automatically connect between two different ERP systems.

For example, a delivery order transmitted by a supermarket via EDI, can be automatically found in an ERP, without the need of processing it manually into the system, position by position. Data exchange is done without any human intervention and without any mistakes. Employees can focus only on order fulfillment. The reverse operation is to transmit into the EDI system the invoice to the retailer when the order has been delivered. The same order is available in the ERP system of the provider, as well.
Benefits of using a standardized extension are obvious starting with the reduction of working time, which would otherwise be used for manual processing of documents and ending with the decrease of operational costs that relate to: human resource, paper, communication, etc. Simultaneously, there are no omissions or errors in data transmission and process focuses on filling orders and thus increasing confidence between partners.


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