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What is a CRM? Benefits in using a CRM

What is a CRM? Benefits in using a CRM

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What is a CRM? Benefits in using a CRM

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. A CRM software is a tool oriented towards the continuous improvement of the customer relationship.

A CRM serves a modern business strategy that focuses on the customer, knowing his needs and requirements. The goal of a CRM is to manage unified customer information and to increase the degree of satisfaction. In a CRM system, information is client-centered, so that it is reacheable in the same shape to all company representatives that are in contact with company`s customers. Basically, a CRM uses a single database where all customer information is integrated and real-time access to that information is provided through a single click. Information is power and it can be used to anticipate customer requirements, to plan the company`s marketing mix and to facilitate teamwork.

Implementing a CRM system starts with the need to change the approach to the existing and potential customers. The next step is to evaluate existing processes in relation to clients, to define requirements and areas that a CRM should address. Knowledge of these issues can clarify to what extent a CRM can be customized and adapted to business needs. One can also choose gradual implementation of a CRM functionalities or only certain modules of a CRM.
It is important for the whole team to believe in the chosen CRM solution and fully rely on this system. Notes on paper about potential customers, emails or other means outside the CRM system should be tactics of the past and the CRM system should be used by the entire team in order to serve the company’s long-term strategy in relation to third parties.
Benefits of using a CRM are mainly related to increasing customer satisfaction, organization of work and increased sales.

Benefits of a CRM system

Here are some of the advantages identified when implementing CRM systems:

  • retaining existing customers through prompt responses to their requests or by offering products or integrated services.

    A satisfied customer will definitely recommend you to others.

  • increase in the number of potential customers by adopting strategies to draw attention to company products and services and by diversifying marketing campaigns

  • increase in the percentage of potential customers conversion into actual customers by recording the entire sales process

  • customization of products and services to requirements

  • optimization of sales processes by tracking these processes step by step, creating personalized sale streams or eliminating repetitive tasks

  • communication improvment between employees and departments by bringing together all customer information in one place

  • supporting teamwork and structuring tasks for employees

  • reducing time responses for customers

CRM in the company

A CRM system covers a range of activities such as marketing, sales, service / support and project management. Usually, the entire system or just the implementation of a CRM module must take into account the strategy and business objectives.

Marketing and Sales CRM modules are dedicated to integrating marketing and sales through: planned marketing campaigns, segmentation of prospects and existing customer lists, organizing target audiences, adjusting the sales pipeline, identifying and tracking opportunities, sales and re-sales.

A CRM module for service and customer support centralizes all the existing support requests. With the objective of solving customer requirements in terms of quality, a dedicated module helps service and support activities. Basically this module automates the process of solving customer demand and the process of invoicing the services provided. Moreover, one can access a history of requests, can predict time for request completion.

A CRM module for project management helps coordinate projects in terms of deadlines, goals and resources involved. Having a transparent structure of a project can help correct evaluation of the resources involved. A CRM module for project management focuses on framing a forecast budget.




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