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ASiS ERP Solution for distribution

ASiS ERP Solution for distribution

ASiS ERP solution successfully manages all the distribution activities. It brings all the necessary information into a single, real-time database (no synchronization needed). ASiS is a web-based, online solution, meaning sales agents can access the system information from anywhere. How? Through the smartphone application – ASiSmobile, which connects securely to the ASiS database.

ASiS ERP, the customized solution for distribution companies, through its applications, focuses on the following important issues:

Development. Implementation. Customization

  • Sales operations management

    This involves automating sale force processes. Orders are instantly seen at the headquarters where they will be taken for analysis and decision (approved, prepared, sent, etc.).

  • Ensuring financial predictability and control

    Payments can be made to sales agents and the information is instantly available. There is also the possibility to issue an invoice. Credit limits can be granted to certain clients.

  • Discount and price strategy

    Using ASiSmobile application, sales agents can view preferential prices, discounts that customers receive and existing promotions in the ASiSmobile application, and automatically apply them when meeting the criteria set in ERP.

  • Commercial targets

    Bonuses can be given according to achievements.

  • Marketing - merchandising

    Marketing representatives make visits to clients and record using ASiSmobile application information about product exposure, sales, promotions.

  • SMS/email marketing notifications

    Promotions notices are sent directly from the ERP system to customers. There are ways to personalize the message for your audience (category) by age, gender, historical order, etc.

  • Stock optimisation

    Based on delivery orders (accepted status), available stock, ongoing purchase orders, or other parameters specific to your business, ASiS calculates a the necessary minimum stock.

  • Performance evaluation

    Reports and graphs have filters that can be applied in order to get information about the business.

What can ASiS Solution for distribution do for you?

Module Configuration

Delivery orders

Tracks delivery orders from customers, warehouses of the company or work points.

General Accounting

Keeps all the accounting records and manages materials, goods, inventory items, products or services of a company.

EDI Interface

Facilitates business-to-business communication, especially when there are large chain of supermarkets or hypermarkets.

Sales Agent/SFA

Supports the sales force management, offering sales agents real-time financial information about the customers they visit.


Addresses companies that sell their products through supermarket chains or partner stores.


Consolidates business relationships between partners (vendors and customers), giving corporate customers the ability to make orders via a web-based, friendly interface.

Managers Dashboard

Responds to managers` need for information and transforms existing data into quality information.

Fleet Management

Allows tracking all the parameters and activities of the equipment used in a company.

Purchase orders

Tracks all supply operations within a company.

Customer/supplier contracts

Manages all types of contracts such as those that concern supply, delivery operations, installments, rentals and ending with financial or operational leasing.

Fixed Assets

Manages all information on a company` s tangible and intangible assets and automates the calculation of fixed assets depreciation.


offers complete and accurate information about employees, works with different types of payment policies.

Financial Management

Manages and reports all transactions in relation to third parties and the entire company’s cash flow.


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