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ASiS ERP Solution for public utilities

ASiS ERP Solution for public utilities

ASiS ERP solution successfully manages all public utilities (water, gas, power, mobile, public service).  ASiS is a web-based solution for public utility companies and personnel can enter or access information from the system, from anywhere. How? With the smartphone / mobile app – ASiSmobile, which connects securely to  ASiS database.

ASiS ERP, the customized solution for public utility companies, through its applications, focuses on the following important issues:

Development. Implementation. Customization

  • Approval document management

    All the stages are recorded: offer, documentation and contract.

  • Subscribers management

    ASiS helps you record and keep records of subscription contracts. The identification for each contract is done by using a unique code attached to each contract (CNP or CUI).

  • Billing automation

    ASiS allows recording contractual details (types of services, negotiated rates, penalties), according to which the billing will be performed automatically, monthly or quarterly.

  • Installing and reading meters

    It helps keep track of meters installed at consumers (field readings or estimates, adjustments) and meter maintenance operations.

  • Payment management

    It is done by scanning the bar code on the invoice or by using a specific layout for the receipts issued on site.

  • Mobile payment management

    The ASiSmobile application generates receipts on site and when they are paid by customers,  the application instantly updates customers’ balance.

  • Provision management

    Provisions are ranked according to the age of invoices and are assigned to specific accounts for each defined category.

  • Track recovery of claims in court / litigation

    It follows all three major stages of this process: drawing up the file, acting in court, and executing the Court’s decision.

  • Machinery management

    ASiS ERP benefits from the Machine Management application that helps record work schedules, irevisions, repairs, assurance, Iservice estimates.

  • Cost control

    ASiS tracks direct and indirect costs.

  • Performance evaluation

    Customized reports are available for evaluating company„s KPIs.

What can ASiS Solution for public utilities do for you?

Module Configuration

General Accounting

Keeps all the accounting records and manages materials, goods, inventory items, products or services of a company.

Subscribers Management

Is a suitable solution for service companies that have contracts with a large number of subscribers


Facilitates efficient lead management and the conversion process, relationships with potential customers and interactions with existing ones.

Managers Dashboard

Responds to managers` need for information and transforms existing data into quality information.

Cost Management

Revolutionizes the cost calculation and prediction in a company.

Fleet Management

Allows tracking all the parameters and activities of the equipment used in a company.

Purchase orders

Tracks all supply operations within a company.

Customer/supplier contracts

Manages all types of contracts such as those that concern supply, delivery operations, installments, rentals and ending with financial or operational leasing.

Fixed Assets

Manages all information on a company` s tangible and intangible assets and automates the calculation of fixed assets depreciation.


offers complete and accurate information about employees, works with different types of payment policies.

Financial Management

Manages and reports all transactions in relation to third parties and the entire company’s cash flow.


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