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2018 – Alfa Software launches ASiS Ria3, the new HTML5 business platform. The platform uses a quick and intuitive interface that resizes based on the device used, mobile/desktop.


ASiS reach the highest level of sophistication regarding the solutions offered to its clients, managing to automate the most difficult flows, for example in construction companies, and intra-group accounting activities (by automating the entry of derived documents related to operating a document).



The exponential growth in Romanian cities of the Horeca sector makes ALFA SOFTWARE to focus its attention on this area and address the players in this market with a dedicated solution – ASiS HoReCa.



ASiSmobile application is developed with the intention to give access from smartphones (iOS or Android) to ASiS database. ASiSmobile completes the suite of online applications and focuses on two main directions: one that gives managers the ability to view real-time reports and graphic indicators on the activities of their companies and the second for sales agents in the distribution companies – to register real-time orders from customers on their mobile phones.


ASiSria - 2009

ALFA SOFTWARE receives the highest Microsoft certification: Microsoft Gold Partner and the opportunity to work with the latest Microsoft development tools. The appearance of Adobe Flash Builder technology has enabled working with RIA and thus launching a new ERP component, this time “client-oriented” – ASiSria.
ASISria is launched in the mid of 2009 and allows its applications and modules to run in any Internet browser and to retain the functionality of traditional desktop applications. The main advantages lie in ASiSria accessibility, regardless of location and low cost to end users for installation, configuration and support.
With sure steps, ASiSria – the online version, replaced entirely the desktop applications of the company`s ERP system, but for reasons of continuity, the name ASiS is preserved.


2008 is a year of refining the existing solutions and extensive research on RIA technologies (Rich Internet Application). The company is looking for ways to bring ASiS into a new technological era – “client-oriented” software world still little known, but so awaited by ALFA SOFTWARE specialists.


A CRM system is Implemented in order to ensure rapid resolution for customer requirements and also a transparent process to track the status of their complaints, development requirements and assistance needs. The ISO 9001 certification comes as recognition of the ongoing concerns regarding product enhancements and services oriented to customer requirements.


ASiS is enriched with new applications such as: Construction Management (ASiS.DS) and Contract Management (ASiS.UC) and has some of its applications rewritten, such as Machinery Management (ASiS.MM), Managers Dashboard (ASiS.TB) and Cost Management (ASiS.PC). The wide range of addressability of this ERP and the high degree of scalability of the solution brings into Alfa Software`s portfolio over 2500 users throughout the country.


Following a natural evolution of the system and also to make maximum use of the 9.40 version of the Magic environment, starting from AS2000, arises ASIS system (Alpha Software Integrated System).
In the first stage of existence of the new system, existing applications are standardized and XML forms and Web reports are adopted.


Alfa Software opens a development center in Cluj-Napoca and starts a new business unit of the company in Bucharest.


The AS2000 Integrated System, version 8.3, is successfully implemented in more than 150 companies, with more than 1,500 workstations.


The market requires a new integrated system, developed in more powerful programming environments. For this challenge, MAGIC environment is chosen and AS2000 is launched. This system is based on ALFASOFT experience and works with MS SQL Server – a more powerful database solution.



An increasing number of companies acquire the ALFASOFT software package. Thus, in May 1997, ALFASOFT established the company ALFA SOFTWARE SA, based in Zalau, which takes over all the tasks of the maintenance and development of the ALFASOFT Integrated System.


Gaining more customers, for ALFASOFT follows the opening of new branches in the largest cities in Transylvania (the main in Cluj-Napoca) and in Bucharest, thus gaining an increasing presence on the Romanian market. This is the time when ALFASOFT integrated system is developed in FoxPro 2.6.


ALFASOFT is chosen as unique XEROX dealer for the northern Transylvania and becomes one of the best Xerox dealers in Central Europe.


A group of seven computer and electronics specialists founded ALFASOFT company with basic activity focused on development of integrated systems and distribution and service of office equipment, computers, barcode equipment, etc.


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