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How does a complete workflow for PVC window production look like in ASiS ERP?

How does a complete workflow for PVC window production look like in ASiS ERP?

workflow for PVC window production

The need to manage client orders for making PVC windows leads the companies in this field to structure their activity in a competitive production ERP system. Finding the right ERP system is not easy as the main activity of these companies is managing unique production orders.
In a simplified stream of PVC production processes managed by ASiS, the following happens:

  • Delivery orders from clients are retrieved in ASiS ERP. Each order is actually a window project with unique features.
  • Each order is assigned a certain status – for example: ready for production, billed in advance or invoiced.
  • When placed in the system, the orders usually have the “ready for production” status. At this stage, ASiS integrated system issues a proforma for each order, and when it is paid, the system generates an invoice.
  • For a particular customer, it is possible to select and cumulate multiple orders on the same invoice.
  • Each delivery order is taken over as a production order. Production orders are analyzed and designed in Klaes – a specialized window designing software, from which ASiS will extract the raw materials consumption for each production order separately. Costs can be tracked easily for every order.
  • The supply of raw materials in this industry is overwhealming, whether they have a special destination (for a particular order), or they are used for most of the orders. A major role in the supply of raw materials is provided by an instrument that establishes the supply needs according to the existing stock, the orders and on-going stock, and the minimum stock for each item.
  • Purchasing orders are generated in direct corelation with the needs, but the supply orders can be changed independently when needed.
  • Even if much of the production is designed in Klaes, the corresponding technologies can be seen in ASiS Production Management. Once set up these production technologies, every day production operations are pursued, and at the same time consumptions of raw materials and materials are generated.
  • The management has customized reports as well as standard ASiS reports.

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