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How long will an ERP project take to implement?

How long will an ERP project take to implement?

Implementation ERP

ERP implementations tend to take a lot of resources and time. In the initial phase, expectations regarding the implementation are often unrealistic, but in the end the benefits are significant. There are studies showing that over 90% of implementation projects are overdue.

So how long does an implementation project take?

From our experience, it’s hard to generalize because no project resembles another, even if we speak of companies in the same field of activity. However, depending on the industry, we can speak of a period of 1-4 months for retail companies, of 2-6 months for the distribution companies and 2-12 months for the production domain. But leaving aside this time component, what matters ultimately is to have a successful project.

There are several factors that may influence the implementation process, which should be taken into account such as:

  • the complexity of the company`s activity

  • the number of used applications

  • the prior case analysis and establishment of project implementation

  • customer requirements

  • the experience of the implementation team

  • the existance of a responsable person within the client company to keep the motivation within the company and follow the progress of the project

  • the level of required adaptation of the system

Considering these aspects, implementation time can be improved and challenges faced can be overcome in order to benefit from an ERP system that was implemented successfully.


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