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How much does an ERP cost? Why “It depends” is the correct answer?

How much does an ERP cost? Why “It depends” is the correct answer?

Cât costă un erp

What are the associated costs for an ERP system?

The search for the right ERP system means on one hand to comply with the requirements of the management and on the other hand framing the right budget. Often the first question for companies looking for an integrated ERP solution refers to costs, but the answer does not come easily. That’s because, in preparing an ERP offer, the answer is governed by the word “it dependents”. It depends on the number of system users, on the modules chosen and the degree of customization, etc. Any figure submitted without a presentation and a detailed discussion about company processes tends to minimize the importance and benefits of such a system.
A more accurate estimate can only come after careful analysis of business processes and after finding out as much information as possible on existing needs.
The size of an ERP offer is built overtime after presentations and discussions on several basic components:

  • the price for ERP licenses

    is influenced by the number of system users and by the selected ERP modules. Also, an ERP system can be purchased on premise or can be rented based on a monthly subscription (SaaS).

  • the price for the customization services

    involves system development in order to provide specific functionality to the client

  • the price for the implementation services

    depends on the complexity of the project and often there is an estimated number of hours for the deployment services. Implementation is the process of putting into practice the system functionalities according to a project containing technical specifications and customizations for the company structure. Why is there a number of estimated hours? Because most implementation cases depend not only on implementation consultants, but also on the company users, which are often reluctant to change, review the specifications set out in the initial project or simply fail to provide data needed on time.

  • the price for post-implementation services

    Once the implementation is completed and the ERP system is put into operation, companies can express their willingness to extend the applications/modules by implementing new features adapted to the changing market environment. All these are considered post-implementation costs of an ERP system.

  • subscription for legislative changes and technical support services (maintenance)

    Under such a subscription, the beneficiary has the right to access the online support system from the provider in order to facilitate the right system operating. The support system centralizes customer requests, offers remote control support and provides documentation. In this kind of subscription are included any updates required to tax regulations and legislation.


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