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General Accounting

General Accounting

The Accounting module is used in order to keep all the accounting records and to manage materials, goods, inventory items, products or services of a company. This application is always up-to-date with the Romanian law and the international accounting standards.

  • It generates real-time and automatic operations related to actions that take place to a document. When you insert a receipt, for example, this will automatically generate an accounting record resulting in a stock increase and a debt to the supplier.
  • The consultation of any document takes place in a very short time. Catalogs (products, third parties, profit centers, employees) are unique and the same for the whole system. A catalog consultation can be made very quickly by filtering on any of the existing fields (e. g customers, counties, etc.).
  • Documents come as configurable forms both in terms of aspect and content ( for e. g the receipt form may have qualitative parameters).
  • The system allows correlation between the effect of a document in functional modules (financial, inventory, budgeting) and the accounting module. Moreover, correlated operations are accompanied by the possibility of making corrections.
  • A correspondence between accounts in Romania and any other country can be defined in order to permit editing situations for those corresponding accounts (eg Italy, France, etc).
  • The application automatically manages documents in any currency and makes the conversion in lei (as required by law).
General Accounting

Human resources

Provides transparency to the human resource management process of a company.

Point of Sale

Is designed for sales and it connects to cash registers or fiscal printers.

Delivery orders

Tracks delivery orders from customers, warehouses of the company or work points.

Restaurant Management

Manages companies that offer restaurant, bar, fast food, cafe, catering and cafeteria services.


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