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B2B (Business to Business)

ASiS B2B platform addresses in particular to distribution companies. It consolidates business relationships between partners (vendors and customers), giving corporate customers the ability to make orders via a web-based, friendly interface. For both partners, this means lower operational costs and significantly reduced delivery times.

  • Access to the B2B platform is via a user and password set for each partner.
  • Through the B2B platform can be viewed all delivery orders placed to the supplier in a certain period of time. These orders can have multiple states: temporary – which means they are still changeable, permanent (final) – which means they are being delivered or have already been delivered, in terms of specified quantities and conditions mentioned in parners` agreement. Final delivery orders can not be changed.
  • When introducing a new delivery order, the information in the last order are automatically brought: products, quantities and negociated prices, with the possibility to modify the right amount of each product ordered. Prices are automatically brought from the Contract Management application.
  • ASiS B2B portal is integrated with ASiS ERP which means that orders placed by business partners are instantly visible in ASiS ERP, giving effect in inventories, supply needs, etc.
  • Within each order, queries can be made by applying search filters in the product (goods) catalog.

Sales Agent/SFA

Supports the sales force management, offering sales agents real-time financial information about the customers they visit.

Customer/supplier contracts

Manages all types of contracts such as those that concern supply, delivery operations, installments, rentals and ending with financial or operational leasing.

Warehouse Management System

Manages inventories of raw materials, merchandise, products and semi-finished products. Tracking these stocks can be done in the warehouse.

Car Service Management

Is useful for companies that activate in the car services field.


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