ASW offers innovative CRM solutions for an efficient management


CRM (marketing, sales, service)

The application facilitates efficient lead management and the conversion process, relationships with potential customers and interactions with existing ones. This results in improved marketing, service and sales activities, with quickly visible results in using a CRM system.

  • It is a customizable tool according to each company’s needs and integrated with the rest of ASiS ERP applications.
  • It allows the import of leads or manual introduction from any computer or mobile device.
  • It manages lead information such as source, contact person, email, etc. It allows a status clasification for each lead based on the activities undertaken.
    Lead lists can be sectioned and assigned to specific users / marketing or sales agents.
  • Arrising interest in products / services will turn leads into potential customers. Potential customers can be assigned with sale opportunities plus time and price estimates, budget and solutions. Activities can be added for each potential client with alerts via email. Complaints and discussions can be highlighted.
  • For every potential client can be added structured information: contact persons, phone numbers, competitors or unstructured – that might influence the purchase decision.
  • For sales persons / staff service / marketing department, tasks can be generated for each potential client or a group of potential customers.
  • ASiS CRM supports customer needs tracking and the development of strong and lasting relationships. For existing customers it is possible to organize the communication with them through activities of any kind, to schedule and prioritize activities, to track and manage complaints.
  • Activity reports are automatically generated.
  • ASiS CRM provides interactive filtering according to rights assessed to users.


Consolidates business relationships between partners (vendors and customers), giving corporate customers the ability to make orders via a web-based, friendly interface.

Sales Assistant

Can be used by sales assistants (for Android or IOS system) in showrooms in order to take customer orders on the spot.

Subscribers Management

Is a suitable solution for service companies that have contracts with a large number of subscribers

Human resources

Provides transparency to the human resource management process of a company.


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