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Delivery orders

Delivery Orders

The Delivery Orders module tracks delivery orders initiated by customers and company`s warehouses or working points.
  • These orders generate delivery documents (notices, invoices, transfer documents).
  • Orders are registered in the database using the mobile component, retail platform, the B2B platform, EDI-type interfaces, ecommerce platform or through direct operation.
  • Once the delivery order reaches the database, it is monitored through a set of configurable stages (Operated, Accepted, Billed, Ready to Deliver, Delivered, etc.).
  • Delivery orders may be linked to purchase orders.
  • If desired, you can work with [x] Reservations for stocks.
  • It helps optimize the actual delivery of commodities by allocating to every delivery order a shipping number. This shipping number will be allocated using a tool called Transportation Centralization Report. This report sees orders in the Ready to Deliver status, the weight of the goods on these orders, the capacity of the transport vehicles as well as the route on which the customers of these orders are located.
  • Delivery orders may be related to the customer contracts. Based on these agreements, one may establish terms, prices, conditions which can be tracked automatically.
  • Delivery orders can be linked to production orders as well.
delivery orders

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