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ASiS E-commerce meets a growing need among retailers that want to be present in the virtual space and to cover this market segment that has grown rapidly due to the spread of the Internet. More and more managers agree to the undeniable benefits that an online sales portal can bring in retail companies, with a minimum initial investment: for example the removal of geographical and time borders, low maintenance costs (removal of monthly fixed expenses – staff salaries, utilities), attracting new target groups, corporate image development and existence of a structured feedback on consumer needs.

  • ASiS e-commerce offers a high degree of interactivity for users.
  • It is a standard platform for online sales, but can it be integrated in the retailer`s site general aspect. The administration back-end allows customization and choice of themes, colors, depending on the requirements.
  • There is also the possibility to access the online store from mobile devices because the ASiS e-commerce platform benefits from a separate dedicated interface for mobile devices.
  • It uses a single database and the data flow between e-commerce platform and the ERP takes place in real time (via delivery orders). No synchronizations are required and there is no redundant information.
  • The stock of goods presented in the e-commerce platform is real at any time and updated with every delivery order.
  • Each item can have a description and some images. ASiS e-commerce platform is SEO oriented and benefits of advanced mechanisms for indexing and optimization.
  • In ASiS e-commerce platform, products can be grouped into various categories. In each category, you can define and display product subgroups.
  • Promotions can be launched and every product can have the original price displayed, but also the discounted price.
  • There are various interactive filters you can use to sort products by different criteria (category, price, color, etc.).
  • Every user can add their products in ASiS e-commerce shopping cart, can modify at any time the structure of the the shopping cart and finally can launch a firm delivery order, which can be instantly found in ASiS database.
  • There are multiple payment methods: cash, paypall, credit card.
  • The retailers can benefit by having a product / client history and other powerful tools for analysis.

Budgetary Institutions

Provides support for the preparation, establishment and execution of the budget, with all the phases involved.

Project Management

Involves tracking of each stage in a construction project or other complex projects.

General Accounting

Keeps all the accounting records and manages materials, goods, inventory items, products or services of a company.

Fixed Assets

Manages all information on a company` s tangible and intangible assets and automates the calculation of fixed assets depreciation.


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