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Financial Management

Financial Management

The financial module manages and reports all transactions in relation to third parties and the entire company’s cash flow.

  • The application allows the registration of financial documents – such as invoices received or issued, payments (with the possibility of automatically distributing the sum of money paid), receipts, compensations.
  • It ensures recording in- advance payments for employees, suppliers or received from customers and related statements.
  • It ensures cash-flow management.
  • It allows operations in any foreign currency.
  • It allows third party validation – (with or without VAT).
  • It generates automatically the statements demanded by Romanian law (300, 390, 394) in XML format.
Financial Management

Cost Management

Revolutionizes the cost calculation and prediction in a company.


Facilitates efficient lead management and the conversion process, relationships with potential customers and interactions with existing ones.

Car Service Management

Is useful for companies that activate in the car services field.

Subscribers Management

Is a suitable solution for service companies that have contracts with a large number of subscribers


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