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Human resources

Human resources

The Human Resources module is a flexible tool that provides transparency to the human resource management process of a company. This module manages information on employee performance (skills, objectives) and employee developmen/training.

  • It records the hierarchical structure of the positions and departments defined in the organization chart of the company.
  • It defines the necessary skills in the company (technical, managerial and general).
  • It defines the necessary competencies for every position in the company.
  • It defines the company`s goals, each department goals and employee ones. These targets will be attached to performance indicators that make the whole process measurable.
  • It establishes transparently the professional career path of the employees. Employee evaluations are done by following the set goals and gaining necessary skills for the job.
  • The evaluation history is available through the employee record.
  • It establishes a training plan in order for the employees to gain necessary skills.
  • The application keeps a strict record of costs per training/trainee.
Human resources


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