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Flexible, dynamic and constantly adapted to the Romanian legislation changes, Payroll is a basic application of the ASiS system. The application offers complete and accurate information about employees, works with different types of payment and bonuses policies according to company requirements.

  • It allows the registry of all human resources information. All the employees` general data will be used for managing inventory objects in use, for the payrolls, and to keep track of manual labor in the production module, etc.
  • In addition to personnel data, other extensive information about an employee may be introduced (such as trainings, qualifications, etc.) that can be later extracted in specific staff reports. The application also generates various standard certificates (configured according to company `s requirements).
    It allows electronic salary payments (through different banks).
  • Besides the personnel information, the application handles all kinds of payment methods, salary withholdings or rises, deductions and taxes.
  • Clocking can be retrieved from various automated timekeeping systems (access cards, applications activity report like, etc..) and may be found on one or several cost or profit centers. For example, if a person works in the same month on two projects: 100 hours on the first project and 68 hours on Project 2, the wage costs for that person will be distributed on each project in proportion to the hours worked on each project, which will be shown in Cost Management application.
  • Clocking can be automatically generated, but it can be changed by exception. It keeps track of overtime hours and hours worked under certain special conditions (night time, etc).
  • Payroll application takes into account every employee `s achievements registered in Production Management application and determines the wages for the production workers based on those achievements.
  • Besides standard types of payments, there is another type called “TESA Agreement”, which applies a percentage to a manager `s salary based on the sales or production achievements of his/her subordinates.
  • Payroll application manages leave vacations, but also rest and medical ones .
  • Withholdings can be viewed per type or per person and can be transformed into several installments (if case).
  • It calculates both net salary and gross salary.
  • It uses every desired currency.
  • Accounting notes are generated directly on profit / cost centers and can be seen in the accounting application.
  • The application generates automatic 112 statement.

Project Management

Involves tracking of each stage in a construction project or other complex projects.

Production Management

Facilitates and keeps track of all production processes.

Delivery orders

Tracks delivery orders from customers, warehouses of the company or work points.

Cost Management

Revolutionizes the cost calculation and prediction in a company.


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