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Production Management

Production Management

Production Management application facilitates production processes. It starts with a description of a product technology, it continues with “breaking” it into subsets or markers, raw materials, labor requirements and then comes the production launch and the tracking of production orders. This decomposition is not limited to a finite number of levels. A subset or marker may have in its structure any number sub-markers that may also have in their composition sub-sub -markers.

  • Any marker may consist of certain amounts of raw materials and / or related operations.
  • Depending on the technological description of a product, several unit price scenarios can be made. These scenarios allow substitutes to be used instead of basic raw materials / materials and they also a keep track of price lists for operations and commodities in particular scenarios.
  • Production orders can be suggested keeping into account the delivery orders.
  • Launching orders for production generates data to calculate the necessary raw materials / materials and operations to carry out those orders.
  • Production management automatically includes primary documents such as Consumer Notes, documents that have effect in Accounting.
  • Raw material / materials consumption can be validated on launch, but when an exceeding of the normal quantity is indicated, additional type documents may be introduced.
  • The application allows the tracking of product quality parameters for the delivered products, according to the specific demands and tracking rejected products.
  • A simplified version of the application addresses the companies with short production cycle (or a specific recipe) such as food industry (because the food manufacturing flow is continuous). Consumption of raw materials will be generated automatically according to the output result, but the possibility of stock correction still remains.
Production Management

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