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Sales Agent/SFA

SFA/Sales Agents

SFA/Sales agent application supports the sales force management, offering sales agents real-time financial information about the customers they visit. With this application, any sales agent, directly from a tablet or a smartphone on which is running Android, has access to ASiS database. Depending on user rights, agents can consult information regarding customer balance, the existing stock for a particular product, orders placed for a customer, etc.

  • Assures management of customer orders. Once introduced, these orders can be viewed in the Contract Management application (Order Tracking) where they will be taken for analysis and decision.
  • Offers the possibility to consult at any time customers balances or orders.
  • You can make stock reservations.
  • Customer invoices may be issued electronicaly.
  • ASIS SFA incorporates a module for establishing routes for each agent and gives managers the ability to monitor GPS position of the agents at any time.
  • With this tool, managers can make quick decisions, such as: unlocking customer orders, approval of exceptional orders, etc.
  • Targets set for sales agents can be monitored.
Agent vânzăriSFA

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