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Wine production

Wine production

Vineyard activities management module

  • The application tracks in detail the activities carried out in the vineyard during an agricultural year keeping track of direct and indirect costs incurred.
  • It facilitates a production estimation by introducing technical data for each parcel (rows, plants per row, gaps).
  • It tracks activities and resources (machines, people) for each parcel.
Wine production
  • It allows programming of resources and activities on each plot, depending on a defined technology and a specific nomenclature of operations for the viticulture process.
  • It allows the adjustment of technologies from one agricultural year to another.
  • It provides access to data for each plot, even on from smartphone.
  • It allows tracking of fertilizer consumption on parcels.
  • It contains specific reports on the activities carried out, filtered by agricultural years, plots.
Wine production

Wine making activities management application

  • It allows the tracking of wine containers.
  • It tracks stocks of wine in each container.

EDI Interface

Facilitates business-to-business communication, especially when there are large chain of supermarkets or hypermarkets.

Point of Sale

Is designed for sales and it connects to cash registers or fiscal printers.

Production Management

Facilitates and keeps track of all production processes.

Budgetary Institutions

Provides support for the preparation, establishment and execution of the budget, with all the phases involved.


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