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Every business is different and unique.

Therefore an integrated, "tailored", highly automated ERP solution comes with a package of services that complete the ERP experience..


An integrated solution with advanced functionalities can become a pleasant experience if:

  • It is implemented quickly and takes into account the specific needs of the company
  • modules and applications are used at a high rate
  • users know how to work with the system
  • there is a call center to report problems to
  • the system is maintained up to date
  • ERP system is improved and re-optimized whenever necessary


Basically, an ERP should be seen as a whole, as a package of applications and services, their role being to help companies achieve their performance goals.


What do we offer? Here is what we are specialized in:

analiza business

We are good listeners! From our point of view, business analysis begins from the first meeting with the client because at this stage we begin to analyze the clients` processes. These meetings also set customers` expectations from the implementation of a new ERP system. Based on this information we choose the solution that we think is most appropriate and prepare a technical presentation / a personalized demo. Case Analysis captures in detail some aspects such as:

  • Existing hardware and software infrastructure;
  • Company organization: departments, organization, activities, profit centers, etc;
  • Existing and proposed information flows, working procedures.

Observing these issues, we can establish what are the specific problems that the company is facing and begin outlining a solution that best fits customer needs and optimizes processes within the company. From ALFA SOFTWARE, a project manager and an implementation team is selected based on their experiennce and application skills. Case analysis is to:

  • understand the customer`s workflows
  • determine the directions of the implementation and to draw a schematic action plan
  • determine specifications in broad terms for the final offer
  • find the resources needed to achieve planned targets
  • get the right information from the customer and to settle for an agreed solution

Benefit from the experience and creativity of our implementation consultants!.

Over 600 companies have chosen us as partners for the implementation of ASiS ERP, CRM, BI.
We managed data flow optimization in industries such as food, pharmaceutical, automotive retail, distribution, services or budget. These processes have greatly increased the experience and expertise of our implementation team.

Implementation stages:
The starting point in the implementation process is the business process analysis. Then a plan and an implementation project are completed. Usually, the preparation of an implementation project takes place with the presence and participation of both parties: Alfa Software representatives - with experience in the business verticals of the company involved, the proposed implementation team and representatives from the beneficiary.
A start date is set for the implementation and it begins with the setup and configuration of the server. Because ASiS is an online ERP, modules and standard applications are set on the server.
Application settings and user rights are also configured on the main server. When starting the implementation process, data initialization means entering data into the ERP from an existing database: suppliers, customers, balances, assets, employees, etc. If this data is available in electronic format, then it will be automatically imported in ASiS.
System configuration is the adaptation stage and brings the system to parameters set by the client in the analysis phase by activating parameters that already exist or by programming them.
Training involves teaching users to use the system according to their job description. This kind of training will be held throughout all the implementation process.
At the end of the implementation, general trainings are organized for each department, detailing app features in use. Operational phase means that the all the departments use the ERP system on a daily basis. At this stage, data will be entered into the system: invoices, receipts, production reports, etc. Based on the data entered, reports will be extracted containing vital information for decision making. These reports are usually related to, stocks, sales, production, costs, etc.
Protocol of delivery and acceptance
At the end of a monthly financial exercise in ASiS ERP, the implementation is evaluated and a Protocol of delivery and acceptance is signed.

What is evaluated at the end of the implementation process:

  • that all the client`s applications are installed and in use;
  • that the system works in the parameters set in the analysis phase;

New features can be successfully developed beyond the period of implementation of the system, when new requirements arise or there is a reorganization, thus creating the basis of a long term partnership.

Focus on your business! 

Writing specific programs for clients is what we do. We have written countless applications respecting the particularities of our customers and we have made a goal from helping our customers to optimize their business. Custom modules and applications require a joint effort of our programming and implementation teams and the following steps are required: case analysis, development and implementation project, programming, testing and implementation. Customized mobile applications come to complete the solutions we offer, facilitating access to ERP information anywhere, anytime.

Planning a business change? We are here to offer you more!

In the category of post-implementation services are included services that enable new functionalities meant to complete the ERP solution long after the implementation is over. Post implementation services refer to the additional clients requirements, exceeding the initial settlement, transposed in the implementation project.

Always in touch!

On a monthly basis, the customers can benefit from technical assistance provided by our Help Desk department throughout a ticketing system. There is no limit for the number of tickets submitted by our clients. Customers have access to our online platform ASiS CRM through which they can submit tickets, they can benefit from immediate support (Remote Control) from our specialized help desk consultants and they can consult their history of tickets, the answers to the problems encountered, etc. Customer tickets are analyzed and classified according to their nature. Technical support team answers questions about operating in ASiS applications or punctual interventions to remedy some minor anomalies in the functioning of the applications. The remaining tickets can be classified as developments - need case analysis and implementation project, errors or services - concern the additional functionalities required by clients, functionalities that exceed contract terms or normal operating conditions. Because the support is organized as a multilevel system, tickets that exceed the skills of our technical support team are forwarded to level 2 or 3 of competency, for analysis and resolution. Online technical support is available between 9.00 and 17.00, Monday to Friday. Notification platform can be accessed by our clients anytime.

  • Clients in the implementation process have priority for technical assistance.

Choose your equipment wiselly!

Our consultants have good knowledge of the necessary hardware solutions in order for ASiS ERP to work. They assess the client's infrastructure, make proposals to improve the equipment, mainly to increase operating speed and recommend equipment suppliers, taking into account a fair price-quality ratio. Our consultants may propose solutions including backup and antivirus for our clients servers.

Ready to use!

We offer our clients general documentation for each application developed in order to familiarize users with the possibilities of ASiS exploitation. Also during legislative updates, customers benefit from procedures and work instructions describing in detail the new way of operating in ASiS ERP.

Boost technology skills within your company!

During ASiS implementations, our consultants provide specialized trainings throughout the process, focusing on the functionalities needed for every employee. Also, at the end of the implementation process, courses are held in each department of the client- company. Other courses on ASiS system applications or simple ways for ASiS programming will be carried out on request. All courses are customized and based on operational scenarios within the clients` company.

More simple, more efficient!

The extension of the cloud-computing concept (based on the existence of a datacenter that stores ERP applications required by the company) has led to the expansion of another phenomenon: SaaS (Software as a Service). That means that delivering applications via Internet to several thousand users is regarded as a service. It works based on a monthly subscription that includes everything needed for the operation of those applications.
SaaS solutions are a practical alternative for all types of companies - from small to medium. 
The benefits for customers that choose SaaS are:

  • zero hardware investment
  • application access 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • monthly and reduced maintenance costs
  • access to specialized support services (outsourced IT department)
  • automatical application upgrades
  • daily database backup service

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