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What is a WMS (Warehouse Management System)?

What is a WMS (Warehouse Management System)?

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Warehouse Management System is a software application, part of an integrated system that is designed to fully control operations regarding stocks of goods from the moment they enter the warehouse to the moment they are dispatched to the clients. A WMS solution takes care of the procurement, storage & inventory and shipment, providing real-time information about the status of goods. As part of an ERP system it is interconnected with other applications for taking orders from customers, thus achieving control over the motion of goods in the context of supply and delivery orders. A WMS software is also interconnected with various mobile devices such as scanners, barcode readers that facilitate data insertion or extraction from the application.
The objective of a Warehouse Management System is to provide standardized procedures for handling goods in the warehouse and to automate as many operations related to stocks as possible.
The advantages of using a WMS:

  • the automatic registration of data regarding the warehouse via mobile devices connected to the WMS application
  • optimization of additional stocks by relating stocks to customer orders; tracking their speed and identifying stocks that are important in the sales process
  • storage space organisation by knowing the exact location of each product and the free space
  • reducing handling times and increasing order fulfillment by knowing the stock, the exact location of each landmark and mainly by allowing validation of existing data in the system and less input
  • fast inventory for the entire range of products available in the warehouse
  • decrease in warehouse operating costs
  • Improved employee productivity in the warehouse once the elimination of possible errors in data entry. In addition, there is traceability of goods for operations carried out by each employee in the warehouse
  • warehouse transparency
  • “intelligent” picking activities for optimized transport routes.

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